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Use Proper Moving Boxes

The most difficult part about moving is packing up all of your belongings and getting them onto the truck. Once the hard part is done, it’s the mover’s job to get all of your possessions to your new residence and this is not something you should have to stress about. The key to getting your possessions moved damage free is in the packing and loading of your items. Using the proper moving boxes will ensure a uniform pack and make it easier to load and unload the truck. Read on to learn more about moving boxes.

Most people prefer to save money and use boxes which they find for free. Liquor stores, grocery stores, Craigslist, and other small businesses are great places to find boxes. Not all of the boxes are in great condition or uniform in size but they can still be used effectively. It is not recommended to pack anything of value into used boxes as they may break and crush your possessions. The best option for valuables is to buy new moving boxes from the moving company or storage facility.

It may be necessary to purchase specialty boxes from the moving company as well. Items such as large TV’s, electronics, paintings, and mirrors will all need specialty boxes, especially if you threw away the original boxes. Get plenty of boxes, even more than you think you may need so you don’t have to scramble searching for boxes while you are packing.

Be careful to not over pack your boxes by placing too many items or too many heavy items in one box. Doing so will increase the risk of breaking the box and spilling all of your items. Using high quality and specialty boxes will save you a lot of hassle and problems if you pack correctly.

If you need a place to store your boxes until moving day, has you covered. With thousands of self-storage facilities listed nationwide, there is sure to be a local self-storage facility near you. Research, analyze and reserve a storage unit all from the comfort of your couch.