One of the Most Important Walleye Fishing Secrets of All

Testing can give you the answer to everything: The right bait, the right presentation, the right speed, and the right location. Testing can help you locate the fish and entice them to you more successfully and make your fishing trips more productive. When you first arrive at your fishing location, testing is the ideal way to find out what the fish want and where they are.

Start with one presentation and bait, and if you do not have any bites within ten or fifteen minutes try changing something. This can be your bait, your location, your speed, or your presentation. By changing something you are testing to see what is going to work and draw the fish, and what is not working and needs to be changed. Only change one or two variables at a time though (preferably just one at a time), to ensure that you are exploring all the options and are not changing too many things at once. This can make it hard to eliminate single factors from the equation.

Testing different baits can help you locate exactly what baits are popular with the Walleye in the area you are fishing. Look at the natural baits available to the fish, and start with similar baits. If there is not much of a response to the first test bait, try another bait. If live baits do not get much of a response from the Walleye, try testing out crankbaits instead.

Testing many different things will help you determine the best method to catch the most Walleye. Walleye fishing means always changing and adapting, because many times these fish may act against what their expected behavior is. Testing is the way that you can change your fishing to meet the conditions and patterns of the fish. Even if the conditions are the same on two different days, the techniques and baits that work may not be.

Testing can eliminate guesswork. Testing is the ULTIMATE key to unlocking the secrets of walleye fishing. The walleye wants to strike at your bait. Testing is the fastest way to find out what they want on any particular day. Changing many different things in a scientific way to find out what works and testing different theories is one of the most effective ways to catch these tricky fish.